World Obesity Day 2021 Information given at the Scientific Seminar of the Indian Medical Association on World Obesity Day. Adipocytes (fat cells) of abdominal fat convert testosterone hormone to estradia hormone. With this, the amount of free-testoristarone hormone in the blood starts decreasing with age.

World Obesity Day 2021 In a busy and busy life, we often do not pay as much attention to our body as is necessary. As we get busy in our daily routine and stress increases, we start coming under the scanner of diseases. Perhaps this is why we are distracted by balanced diet and regular exercise. Eating anything in the morning in the office or college, outside in the afternoon, sleeping in the evening at home and at night after meals… be cautious if you follow the same schedule. Men in this category need to be very cautious. Because in terms of focusing on fitness, some men are sluggish compared to women. But the elderly, children, men or women all need to avoid obesity because of its deadly combination with diabetes and heart diseases.

These things came to the fore in various researches –

Obesity, which is the problem of every other person in today’s time, especially in children. There is no single concrete reason for why this is now, but there are several major reasons for it. Which we have already told you about. The tendency of children to eat junk food leads them to be close to obesity. Frozen fat (fat) on the stomach of men is fatal. Adipocytes (fat cells) of abdominal fat convert testosterone hormone to estradia hormone. With this, the amount of free-testoristron hormone in the blood starts decreasing and the levels of estrogen and insulin start to increase. This increases the risk of heart disease. This has been confirmed in various researches.

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Expert opinion

  • Dr. Raghuveer Mathur, president of the UP chapter of the All India Association for Advising Research in Obesity, affiliated to the World Obesity Federation, said in a press conference held at the IMA Bhavan Parade on World Obesity Day, Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Disease due to low amount of free-testoristonormone , Depression, increases the chances of dementia (amnesia) by six times.
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss Consultant Dr. Shipra Mathur said that reducing fat by 10-15 percent reduces the chances of heart disease and diabetes by 45 percent. Weight loss is a scientific process, which should be done under the direction of a doctor and dietician, so that he can understand the needs of the body. A balanced diet should be taken during weight loss, so that nutritional elements are not reduced. Cereals, fruits and vegetables should be consumed in sufficient quantity in breakfast, lunch and dinner. During this, IMA President Dr. Neelam Mishra, Secretary Dr. Dinesh Sachan, Dr. Brijendra Shukla were present.

Bariatric surgery to get rid of obesity and diabetes

Laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon Dr. Shivanshu Mishra said that bariatric surgery is a boon for obese people. Through this, you can not only get rid of obesity, but can also overcome the problems of diabetes, heart disease, heart attack, high blood pressure, arthritis and infertility. Now this surgery is done without any side effects by binocular method. Waist size is more than 102 cm in men and more than 88 cm in women is dangerous.

Take control of obesity and diabetes by adopting these tips

  • Reducing sugar intake.
  • Include healthy vegetables, oatmeal and fruits in the diet.
  • Exercising that can help control glucose levels to a great extent.
  • Eat green rather than tea, coffee and soft-drinks.
  • In the morning, eat dry fruit and nuts in breakfast.

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