US new national security strategy: In the national security policy of US President Joe Biden, China has been considered as America’s enemy number one. China has been projected as a strong opponent in the US 24-page National Security Policy. Let us know which countries have been asked in this national security policy to be vigilant and conscious about which countries. After all, why did other countries including China wait for this national security policy of Biden. Why is India happy with this report.

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran were waiting for this document

After the newly elected President of the United States, Joe Biden took office, the world was eyeing his new national security strategy. During the presidential election, Biden condemned several decisions of former President Donald Trump. He was particularly opposed to Trump’s aggressive policy towards China and Iran. In such a situation, the eyes of the world were set on Biden’s new national security policy after assuming power. China, Russia, Iran and North Korea had a special wait for the US national security strategy. At the time of the election, Biden’s liberal attitude towards China made him hope that his relations with the new Nizam of America would be better. Iran had the same hope. Let me tell you that during the time of former President Donald Trump, relations between Iran and the US were severely weakened over the nuclear deal. Iran hoped that its relations would be normalized in the Biden administration.

China, Russia, Iran and North Korea pose a major challenge to Biden

However, Prof. Harsh Pant believes that given China’s ambition, there was little hope that he would maintain a better relationship with Washington. He says that America is his biggest obstacle in China’s expansionary policy. He said that President Biden got the empire of a new America after the Korana epidemic. America that has become financially weak due to the Corona epidemic. The internal and external challenges Biden faces are more complex than before. It is clear that the Biden administration will have to set its own new strategy to deal with these challenges inside and outside the country. Controlling China will be a major challenge for the Biden administration. Similarly, Russia, Iran and North Korea will also have to set their own clear strategies.

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Biden bound to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor Trump

For the first time in Biden’s national security policy, America’s concern is clearly visible. This document states that the state of the balance of power is changing rapidly in the world. There is a big concern about China in the US security policy. It states that China is becoming increasingly vocal in the world. The US has considered China as its main rival. The document mentions that China is economically, diplomatically, militarily and technically capable. In all these areas, he is posing as big a challenge as America. After the new national security policy, it has been decided that China is not going to get any relief from the Biden administration. The relations between the Biden administration and China will now remain tense and tense. There is not going to be any major change in this. This makes one thing more clear that Biden will also be forced to follow the path of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

There will be better relations with India

Pro. Pant says that after the friendship of former US President Donald Trump and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, there was a question that if Biden wins the election, how will he have relations with India. This skepticism has also ended after America’s new national security policy. The National Security Policy emphasizes close ties with India. The National Security Policy urges India to keep friendship strong. This security policy emphasizes strengthening India to control China’s interest in the South China Sea and the Pacific.

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