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Amway is one of the biggest names in the world that has started MLM and the direct selling industry. Those people who have worked in MLM and Direct Selling will know about Amway.

There will be a lot of questions among the common people about Amway as many people may have heard the name of Amway or got the opinion to use its product. Apart from this, what is the business plan of Amway and how to earn money by joining Amway? This also poses a big question. We will tell you what is Amway India? What is Amway’s business plan? What is Amway Product? Advantages and disadvantages of Amway?

What is Amway?

Amway was originally an American MLM company, which started in November 1959. Amway’s founders are named “Jay Van Andel” and “Richard DeVos”. Amway started in “Michigan” and even today Amway’s head-court is based in Michigan, USA.

Prior to the founding of Amway, “Jay Van” and “Richard” used to sell products directly to a company called Nutrilite (Nutrilite). While direct selling the product of Nutrilite, they got the idea to create their own MLM company. Under 5000 in 1959 Started Amway with a distributor.

Amway 1959-2020

Amway has been steadily expanding since the inception of Amway in 1959. Amway has made strides in Australia in 1971, Europe in 1973, Japan in 1979, Thailand in 1987, China in 1995 and India until 1997. More countries and Amway’s total revenue is US $ 8.6 billion (as of 2017).

Travel of Amway in India

  • Amway came to India in 1997. Amway had expanded in many countries before that, but after coming to India, Amway has faced many ups and downs.
  • Many cases have been registered against Amway over Amway’s direct selling plan, which also claimed to have Amway’s pyramid scheme, which is illegal in India.
  • Amway is one of the few companies in India to have commercially run advertisements nationally.
  • Hundreds of direct selling and MLM companies have started in India due to Amway, which makes Amway its role model and enters the market.
  • Amway is one of the most well-known and largest distributor company in India.
  • Additionally, Amway is one of the few companies that is a member of IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association).

Amway Business Plan

Now comes the most important issue, what is Amway’s MLM business plan? What is the direct selling of Amway products?

Amway Business Plan First of all, let us tell you that Amway’s business plan runs on two logic, one is direct selling and the other is recruitment.

Direct selling

First of all you have to join Amway as a distributor, in which you have to fill a form and agree to some of their conditions. After that you have to buy products from Amway and then sell them further.

When you join as a distributor, Amway distributes the product to the distributor at a lower price than MRP and those distributors are required to sell the product further, resulting in some profit.

For example, suppose a product is taken from Amway, which has MRP of Rs 500. Amway will give you that product for Rs 450, now as soon as someone sells that product, then he gets a profit of Rs 50. A direct sales earned 10% profit. Similarly, you have to sell different products of the company and get a profit instead. Amway claims that they pay a commission of 6 to 21 percent to their distributor.


After direct selling, in Amway you have to call recruitment i.e. in which you have to connect people like yourself and the company and build your network.

Now whenever someone sells a product below you, you also get some percentage of his profit. The more people you add to that company, the more direct sales you will get and the more profit you get.

That is, by creating a network, more and more products have to be sold by the company, so that more Amway can make income from the business plan.

What is the product of Amway?

Amway’s product lost is very long, which includes products like health, costumics, personal care, kitchen appliances. Which includes popular products like Amway Nutrilite Protein Powder, Nutrilite Daily Multivitamin.

You have to sell these products in front of you, due to which you are working for the company as a distributor \ retailer.

To see the products price of Amway, click on the link below.

Amway India Products Price

Apart from this, you can also see the product catalog of Amway, from which you will get more information about the product of Amway.

Should I join Amway or not?

Now finally the question comes,

  • Whether Amway should join MLM business plan or not.
  • Can you earn money by direct selling from Amway or not?
  • If you can make money from direct selling, how many?

Many such questions come in everyone’s mind, when someone asks someone to join Amway. Amway is an MLM company, so anyone can join it. Because no qualification is required to join MLM plan. However, for direct selling and networking it is necessary to have strong communication and marketing skills, because without them, no one can have any future in MLM.

The decision to join Amway or any MLM company should be your own, as you will have to spend your precious time and money, so do not get into anyone’s sayings and talks. First of all, understand the plan in detail and think through practical Whether you will be able to do a direct sale or not. Also see the price and quality of the company’s product.

You should first know the advantages and disadvantages of Amway.

Talking about Amway’s product, of course they are good in quality, but the price of Amway’s product has also been seen more. So once you compare the price of amway product with other brand on the internet itself and keep your analysis here, keep in mind that whether the product buyer is benefited or not. Cause damage So, how is the product and how much selling can you do?

The conclusion

We hope that you liked this post on Amway India Direct Selling Business. If you have any questions or suggestions related to Amway India, then do let us know here.

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