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India is called the country of farmers, and the farmer is the farmer of every country who works hard and crops and grows grains, fruits, and vegetables for us. But with the increasing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the production capacity of the fields is not only decreasing as well as we are getting poisonous crops. Farmers are compelled to use manure and pesticides. Is there any way to use pesticides and chemical fertilizers in the fields and get better results than before? My answer is yes, Amway makes an agricultural product called Apsa 80 with the help of which you will increase the quality of your crop and gradually the use of fertilizers and pesticides will be reduced in your fields. So let’s know Amway Apsa 80 information. Today we will know-

  • What is Amway Apsa 80
  • Benefits of Apsa 80
  • How to use Amway Apsa 80
  • Amway Apsa 80 Pdf Brochure
  • Apsa 80 demo

What is Amway Apsa 80?

Amway Apsa 80 Adjuvant is a liquid that Amway has made for farmers. It can also be used for home gardens and pots. Amway Apsa 80 is a very effective liquid, which reduces water stress, allowing water to produce up to 30 cm of moisture in the earth. By using this, farmers get more quantity of crops, as well as the quality of the crop, is also good. Using Amway Apsa 80, farmers have to use less manure and medicines in their fields.

Benefits of Apsa 80 In Hindi:

I have already told you a glimpse of the benefits of Amway Epsa 80, but I will give you complete information about it right now. Amway’s Apsa 80 gives a lot of benefits to farmers. To understand this, it is very important for the farmer to be sensible because many farmers start thinking that I have already spent so much money on my crop after the cost of Apsa 80 will be spent separately, so in this way I will have a crop I have to incur a very high cost. But this is not the case at all. While seen, the opposite is true.

Why should the farmer not have any crop, the results of Epsa 80 will make you happy, if you want to know the results of this, then I am giving you the Apsa 80 Pdf, in which you have been told in which crop, how many percent more yield has been made. And at the same time, the quality of the crop has also increased. , If you want to download this pdf then you can download it from the download link given below.

  • Apsa 80 reduces the number of medicines used in the fields.
  • Apsa 80 requires less manure.
  • It increases the efficacy of seeds and medicines.
  • It is a good crop due to its use in low-water areas.
  • This increases crop yield.
  • It enhances the quality of the crop.

Amway Apsa 80 Information | Benefits | Demo | Use

How to use Apsa 80

You will be given complete information about how to use Apsa 80. It is used in irrigation with weeds, pesticides, and liquid chemical fertilizers.

It is used only to reduce the amount of pesticide, hence Apsa 80 is poured 5 ml in a 15-liter dispenser, and make the solution by reducing the amount of the medicine by 30 percent. For example, if you were to put 100 ml of medicine in that tank, then you would use only 70 ml. The same has to be done with liquid chemical fertilizers.

With weed, you have to mix 15 ml of Apsa 80 in a 15-liter tank and use 70 to 100 percent quantity of weed. Use 100 percent only when weed is very high.

Understand how to use Apsa 80 for irrigation. When you feel that you have to irrigate your fields, then you should mix 12 to 15 ml of Epsa 80 in a 15-liter tank and spray it on the ground 12 hours before. Now give water to the fields after 12 hours. With its use, irrigation water reaches 30 cm deep in the ground, it remains effective for about 30 days. Now you have to irrigate the crop after 7 days of normal. With this, you can increase the next irrigation up to 7 days in crops like paddy, as well as increase the yield by producing paddy in less water.

Special information:

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